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Artist: Bektasi Brothers
Album: The Islamic Music Of The Sect Of Bektasi: Hymns Of The Sacred Koran [CD 1]
Bektasi Brothers The Islamic Music Of The Sect Of Bektasi: Hymns Of The Sacred Koran [CD 1]
Tracklist :
  • Ussak Ud Taksimi
  • Subh U Sam Ey Gonul Cekelim Gulbank
  • Ben Melamet Hirkasinikendim Giydim Enime
  • Dun Gece Syrim Icinde Ben Dedem Ali'yi Gordum
  • Uyur Idik Uyardilar Diriye Saydilar Bizi
  • Segah Ney Taksimi
  • Biz Elest Bezminde Demisiz Beli
  • Askolsun Meydan Gorene
  • Saba Ney Taksimi / Guzel Asik Cevrimizi Cekemezsin Demedim Mi
  • Aynayi Tuttum Yuzume Ali Gorundu Gozume / Beraber Taksimi
  • Huzzam Kemence Taksim
  • Kurretul Ayn'i Habibi Kibriyasin Ya Huseyn
  • Sahim Ali Abaya Girenlere Askolsun

Artist: Arling & Cameron
Album: Music For Imaginary Films
Arling & Cameron Music For Imaginary Films
Tracklist :
  • Le Flic Et La Fille
  • 1999 Space Club
  • W.E.E.K.E.N.D
  • Hashi
  • Let's Get Higher
  • Milano Cool
  • New Day
  • Zona Sul (Cocktail Mix)
  • Zona Sul (Samba Mix)
  • Spacebeach
  • Herrmann
  • Shiva's Rock'n'Roll Dub
  • Shiva's Daughter
  • The Only Guy

Does anyone have the song W.E.E.K.E.N.D they can send me please?

I know there are two artists, either Fay Lovsky or Arling & Cameron,
Either will do??????? please I really need it let me know if you can and I will email you thanks!

Kirlian Camera - Unidentified Light

Artist: Kirlian Camera
Album: Unidentified Light
Kirlian Camera Unidentified Light
Tracklist :
  • Coming Clouds
  • Justice
  • The Burning Sea (Retro-engineering 1-a)
  • Uniwhite 1
  • Learning To Live
  • Uniwhite 2
  • Moon Is Gettin Closer part 1
  • Thanks Pigs
  • The Limit
  • Moon Is Getting Closer part 2
  • The Burning Sea (bonus mix)

I've done Kirlian photography with sheet film. Is there any practical way to do it with a digital camera?

I placed my hand on a Edmund Scientific Van de Graaff generator and the other hand on the sheet film. Turned out nifty. I can't think of anyway to do it with a digital camera.
Here is a nice example that I just found at Flickr. I suppose I could ask them. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nebarnix/330697167/
"High voltage (low amperage) and a digital camera... Hmmmm, can we say instant toast". LOL! For sure.

Baha Men - Move It Like This

Artist: Baha Men
Album: Move It Like This
Baha Men Move It Like This
Tracklist :
  • Move It Like This
  • Coconut
  • Normal
  • I Thank Heaven
  • Best Years Of Our Lives
  • Break Away
  • Rich In Love
  • Giddyup
  • Blow Your Mind
  • We Rubbin'
  • I Just Want To Fool Around
  • The Wave
  • Move It Like This (Shake It Like That Mix)

Despina Vandi - Live [CD 2]

Artist: Despina Vandi
Album: Live [CD 2]
Despina Vandi Live [CD 2]
Tracklist :
  • Deste Mou ta Matia
  • Pote Voudas Pote Koudas
  • Gianta - Ela Na Pame S' Ena Meros - Ikariotiko - Horepsete-Horepsete

Tarkan - Bu Gece (Cds)

Artist: Tarkan
Album: Bu Gece (Cds)
Tarkan Bu Gece (Cds)
Tracklist :
  • Bu Gece
  • Kir Zincirleni

Ferdi TAYFUR - olsan içmezmiydin benim yerimde

Author: iyimser1gul


Added: March 9, 2010

Kevin Lyttle - Hitch

Artist: Kevin Lyttle
Album: Hitch
Kevin Lyttle Hitch
Tracklist :
  • Turn Me On (Low Tide Remix)

What is this song? (partial lyrics)?

I have this song stuck in my head but the only words I can remember are when the chick says stuff like "I like the way you (something something something). Turns me on... Turns me on." Sorry, I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any ideas?

Also, I looked up a few videos already and it is not any of the following:
~Norah Jones
~Kevin Lyttle (or Little?)
~Papa Roach/Buck Cherry
~Keri Hilson
~Paris Hilton
~Le Braghe Corte
~Salt n Pepa
~Jay Sean
~Tim McGraw
Another thing: it's a girl's voice, and the words are spoken, not sung.

Banda Favela - Cafe Lounge - Rose Hip Tea

Artist: Banda Favela
Album: Cafe Lounge - Rose Hip Tea
Banda Favela Cafe Lounge - Rose Hip Tea
Tracklist :
  • neguinho

Oliver Shanti - Vida Para Vida

Artist: Oliver Shanti
Album: Vida Para Vida
Oliver Shanti Vida Para Vida
Tracklist :
  • Dancer Of My Mind
  • A Miracle On Saxophone
  • Tocar Para Sarakali
  • East European Liberty
  • Alexander's Journey To The East
  • Touch Higher Musical Conscious
  • Vivekananda's Journey To The West
  • Macao Kyoto
  • Brother Go On
  • Oliver's Higher Love
  • Ling Dolma Shih-Tzu
  • Vida Para Vida

Djivan Gasparyan - Salute

Artist: Djivan Gasparyan
Album: Salute
Djivan Gasparyan Salute
Tracklist :
  • Garod Akh Garod
  • Sourp, Sourp
  • Tours Yel Dzoyag
  • Groong
  • Koon Yeghir
  • Havoon, Havoon
  • Tzakhort Orer
  • Dle Yaman
  • Kilikia
  • Partzer Sarer
  • Vorkan Tzangatza
  • Odar Amayi Jamper